About Mindful Choice

It is inspiring to know that how we approach living with or beyond cancer may affect not just our happiness but also our body’s innate capacity to heal.

It is normal after treatment for cancer to feel that life has changed, to feel anxious and
uncertain about the future. Any slight pain in the body can quickly take us off on frightening trains of thought – what if the cancer’s back? how will I cope again? … increasing the anxiety and tension in the body.

Mindfulness training helps us to become aware of how crucial an effect our thoughts have on our well-being. As we practice, we begin to notice how much time we spend worrying about the future or mulling over the past, sometimes to the extent that we are not even fully present to the pleasant moments in our lives.

With mindfulness we practice being with things as they are, without judging and instead bringing kindness and curiosity to whatever is present. Practicing in this way we learn to live with cancer rather than suffer from cancer.

‘My experience is what I agree to attend to’

William James